Questions and Answers about the Smartuki


How difficult is it to do the transplant?

It depends on your experience with mechanics and spannering; any competent mechanic will have no problem with the removal of the standard Smart engine and subframe,and the fitting of the ASBO frame

What comes in the kit?

Lots. There are over 60 individual components. See the pricing section.


Where do I find an engine?

The best place is on the internet; try searching motorcycle breakers – prices vary from £1250 for a K1/K2 up to £2000 for a late K3/K4. The internet is a good place to start. We have two GSXR1000's in stock at £1550 each.

What other engine bits do I need?

When you’re buying the engine, be sure to get the oil cooler, airbox (for sensors, intakes, full wiring loom, instrument binnacle (including its loom) exhaust headers(for pattern)

Are all the GSXR1000 engines the same?

No. But the K1/K2 are substantially the same, as are the K3/K4. Both will fit the engine frame. The newer engines (2005 onwards) have different mountings and we are in the process of modifying the kit to allow fitment of the newer versions.


Where do I get a donor car, and what will that cost?

The best place to look is eBay. Frequently they are advertised with blown engines, and an early example would be around £1000 as a non runner. It is also possible to buy insurance write-offs in “Category D” (cosmetic write off) – you could get a later one at less money. The later ones have Macpherson strut type suspension which is preferable to the early cars transverse leaf suspension. There is more scope to improve the later front suspension, and more parts options.


Will the ABS still work?

Yes. We retain the original ECU as it still recieves signals from the ABS rings (we now fit the same 42 tooth rings to our driveshafts as the originals).

Could I fit Traction control?

Yes we fitted the racelogic RLTC6AL system to one of our demonstrators. It worked very well, and for £595 tranforms the car.



How long will it take to get one?

We normally carry limited stock as they are hand built in small batches. Contact us for the latest info.

Will you ship anywhere in he world?

Yes. We have recently shipped to the USA and Japan and we are currently talking to potential agents around the world.


What should I do to the brakes

The standard Smart brakes are more than adequate, but it really depends on what you want to do. EBC do grooved and drilled discs for around £89, together with Kevlar pads for £27 .

See for prices.


What about insurance?

Well, there are lots of companies advertising in the Kit Car magazines. We called one for a quote (Footman James on 0845 330 1662).

We were quoted £343 fully comp with a £250 excess, or £181 Third Party Fire & theft.

Both quotes assumed 3 years No Claims Bonus, 3,000 miles per year, Garaged, and included £100k legal costs + 35 days European travel & Homestart recovery.


What sort of performance does it have?

The original car was fitted with a mildly tuned engine and ran 0-60mph in 4.5 seconds, 1/4 mile standing start in 12.4 seconds and a top speed of 132mph; If that’s not enough for you there are many options available to push the GSXR engine further. Nitrous Oxide will add another 50 - 80 bhp but if you are looking for the ultimate go for the turbocharged option from Holeshot Racing.

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