Smartuki Kit Prices

We currently offer 5 basic options. Because we are a low volume manufacturer we can of course accommodate other specifications if you are looking for something different. Uprated brake calipers, disks, suspension, exhausts, custom colours, plating, engine tuning etc. then please just ask. We can also supply complete cars custom built to your specification.

If you are looking for prices for a fully built complete car then just add the Option 5 price to the market value of a good used car.

The following prices do not include VAT and this will be charged at the current rate (17.5% January 2010). VAT may be refundable for certain export markets.

Option 1 - Sub-frame Only

A bare frame. That is to say bare, except for being blue powder coated, with suspension arms, rosejoints and coilover dampers, rubber isolator mounts, anti-roll bar and mounting bolts. You find the engine, driveshafts, hubs, calipers, discs, diff unit, cables, exhaust etc.


Smartuki Main Subframe
Smartuki Subframe Rose Joint
Smartuki Subframe Rubber Mounting
Smartuki Subframe Coilover Dampers

Option 2 - Subframe Kit Complete

The subframe frame in kit form with all the components needed to build it up and accept your engine; INCLUDES - jackshaft assembly, Quaife ATB diff unit with Powersport reverse mech, driveshafts, CVs, hubs, discs, calipers, push-pull cables for shifting & reverse operation with mounting bracket assembly at cabin end & engine end. Accelerator cable, modified accelerator pedal, cable outer mounting bracket, Exhaust downpipes and muffler, mounting plate (integral with clutch slave mount) Clutch pedal box & hydraulic cylinder with copper pipe and flexible hose.


Option 3 - Subframe Kit Assembled

As option 2, but with the entire unit assembled for you to install your engine


Option 4 - Complete Subframe

As Option 3, with GSXR1000 K3 / K4 engine mounted in frame ready to install. We fit an anti-surge baffle plate as this is required.


Smartuki Engine in Subframe 1
Smartuki Engine in Subframe 2
Smartuki Engine in Subframe 3
Smartuki Engine in Subframe 4
Smartuki Engine in Subframe 5

Option 5 - Drive-In / Drive-Out

All of the above, but we fit it for you. Drive in, drive out.


Smart Roadster Models

The prices for kits for the Roadster model cars are the same as above.

Post 2007 Models (451)

The prices for kits for the newer model cars are the same but option 4 and 5 kit prices are 1000 higher as we use the engine from a GSXR1000 K7 / K8 and these engines are priced higher.