Smartuki Individual Part Prices

Hub Group

Axle Sprocket - 45 Teeth sprocket 8 off M10x25.


Hub Disc Sprocket

Output Flange Adapter - CNC machined from solid billet. The output flange adapter fits the splined output on the GSXR engine and connects to the jackshaft


Output Flange Adapter

Jackshaft Bearing - High Tensile steel carrier that supports the jackshaft.


Jackshaft Bearing

Jackshaft and Sprocket - Attaches to the output flange adapter to provide drive via a 12 tooth sprocket that turns the 630 chain.


Jackshaft and Sprocket

Powertech / Quaife Reversing Differential - The Powertech differential uses epicyclic gears to make a compact diff unit with an integral mechanical reverse synchro ring. This is far superior to the ATB diff with a separate electric motor for reverse, which is OK for track use but the “all or nothing” operation makes it impractical for road use. The last thing you want is wheelspin reversing into a parking space. The Powertech diff unit we use is the same as that used in the Radical sportscar.


Powertech / Quaife Differential

Drive Chain - The 630 chain that provides the final drive.


Final Drive Chain

Clutch Slave Plate and Standoffs - To properly get the clutch to operate with the correct “feel” is difficult with a bike engine in a car, especially when the power takeoff is via transverse jackshaft which prevents using the standard slave cylinder in the standard position. We solve this problem by having lasercut standoff plates which space the assembly away from the engine the correct distance. It also serves as a mounting mount for the engine muffler.


Clutch Slave Cylinder Mounting Plate

Clutch Group

Clutch Pedal - Bronze Finnish.


Clutch Pedal

Clutch Slave Cylinder.


Clutch Slave Cylinder

Clutch Master Cylinder - Complete with resevoir


Clutch Master Cylinder

Clutch Pedal Box - Pedal box assembly to mount pedal and master cylinder.


Clutch Slave Cylinder Mounting Plate

Control Cables Group

Clutch Hose - Braided stainless steel hydraulic clutch hose.


Clutch Hydraulic Hose

Cable Bracket - Clutch / Reverse cables interior mounting mechanism.


Clutch / Reverse Cable Mounting Bracket

Reverse Cable Anchor - The bracket that mounts on the subframe for anchoring the reverse operation cable.


Reverse Cable Bracket

Mechanical Parts Group

Rear Brake Disc - Brake disc drilled for 3-stud wheel mounting 238 mm diameter.


Rear Brake Disc

Rear Brake Caliper - Brake caliper with integral parking mechanism.


Rear Brake Caliper

Drive Shafts - Left and right driveshafts with CV joints and ABS rings.


Driveshafts and CVs

Rear Shock Absorber - Adjustable coilover damper.


Rear Shock Absorber

Hub Insert - CNC machined hub insert to allow fitting of driveshafts.


Hub Inserts

Subframe Mounting Bolts - M12 15x180 mouinting bolts for fitting the rear subframe.


Subframe Mounting Bolts

Intake Group

Pipercross Airbox - Pipercross Dome 600 air intake box and baseplate.



Gear Selection Group

Reverse Selector - Reverse selector lever with bronze bushing and brackets.


Reverse Lever and Brackets

Gear Lever - Gear lever with bronze bushing and knob.


Gear Lever

Gear Change Assembly - Complete assembly of gear lever, reverse lever and brackets.


Gear Change Lever Assembly