Suzuki Motor GSXR Fitted in the Engine Bay

Smartuki engine bay Fitting the bike engine into the Smart ForTwo has been carefully thought about. The end result is a very tidy installation that any owner would be happy to show off to their friends.

Motorbike Engine Fitted Where it Belongs

As you can see from the pictures, this is not a compromised installation. Even the parcel shelf remains. The engine bay is soundproofed to make the car a practical daily drive.

The soundproofing material we selected is a corrugated acoustic foam manufactured by ‘Paulstra’ which is 50mm thick providing noise attenuation of up to 25db, and rated up to 110 degrees celsius. It’s normally used inside aircompressor housings etc!. You can just see how he engine bay is hinged halfway down the forward bulkhead, with a hinge-pin mechanism for complete removal.

Smartuki rear view From the rear the only real sign of the GSXR engine that lives inside is the exhaust and the two small round air vents. The hot air from the engine bay exits from these two circular outlets which we placed in a low pressure zone.