Smart Car with Suzuki Motorcycle Engine

News 2011 - Smartuki Motorsport Ltd

Smartuki is now under new ownership, and has been incorporated as ‘Smartuki Motorsports Ltd’.

Based near Reading in Berkshire, England, the new team are extremely dedicated to the project and have several exiting plans for the New Year. Smartuki upgrade options including Turbo and Air-Con will hopefully be developed early summer time and hopefully a US based partner/franchise deal will be in place towards the end of 2011. There are also plans to redesign the website and add a small but specialist on-line shop offering high quality performance and styling upgrades for both Smartuki’s and standard Smarts. All of this combined with some promising Media coverage should make 2011 an exciting year for the new team….

There are 4 pre-built kits currently available for sale. These are compatible with either the Roadster/Roadster Coupe (452 model) or early Smart for2’s (450 model). These kits have some interesting history attached to them as they were used in the making of the Twentieth Century Fox film “Knight and Day” staring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz.

Currently 2 cars are in build, a 2003 roadster (452) and a 2007 for2 (451). The Roadster should be ready mid-February and the For2 (451) ready late March. Please contact us for further details.

Please keep checking back to see what is happening at Smartuki.

Available as a Kit, Components or Complete Car

Smartuki Car - Smart Tuning to the Extreme

Here it is, the original GSXR 1000 bike engined Smartuki. This conversion was originally designed by Z-Cars who then sold the design and rights due to their workload on other projects.

Take one tiny little Smart car, remove the rather sad and under powered little engine and replace it with something more interesting from a high performance motorcycle and voila 160+ BHP, 12,500 RPM and a six speed sequential gearbox.

assembled Smartuki kit with engine fitted

Whilst that may be a little over simplified, the conversion is a very professionally finished package capable of embarrassing cars costing ten times as much. Take a look at the pictures, they speak for themselves. The motorcycle engine is fitted into a custom sub-frame and occupies the original engine bay in the back of the car. Taking this route has maintained the car's interior comfort and practicality. Supercar performance with space for a passenger and shopping.

assembled Smartuki kit with engine fitted

If that is not enough, the Suzuki GSXR is one of the worlds most popular tuned motorbikes. There is a huge catalogue of performance tuning parts available for anyone that needs that little bit more. Conventional tuning with ignition, cams, fuel injection mapping etc can increase the horsepower to over 190 BHP. Add a Turbo and or Nitrous (N20) kit and 300+ BHP is a realistic possibility. We are planning to build a nitrous enhanced Smart Roadster Coupe in the future and we’ll take it to the drag strip to show it off. Watch out for the video soon.

Smartuki Road Test

Result? The stunningly quick and agile Smartuki.

  1. Supercar performance at superbike price, 0-60 in under 5 Seconds!
  2. Massive tuning potential for those that need even more.
  3. Superbike/F1 howling exhaust note is priceless!!
  4. Cheaper insurance than any performance car
  5. Dryer in the rain than any superbike
  6. You won’t end up in the hedge because of a diesel spill
  7. You can take a passenger and the shopping
  8. You still have the seatbelts the airbags and ABS
  9. Road tax only £90/yr
  10. Park in the same space as a bike

That GSXR1000 engine sounds so nice at full chat.

Smartuki in Japan

We just got this clip of the first Smartuki built in Japan. This was built around April 2008 and is a standard GSXR1000 K2 Engine.

Smartuki Japan 2

This is the same car but getting drift on a racetrack. You have got to hand it to the driver he knows his stuff. For best effect run this at full screen in high quality using the controls at the bottom of the video. Oh and make sure you turn the volume up to get the most of the sound!